About G2PSD

G2 Print Supply Division

G2 Systems PSD (Print Supply Division) is the result of the restructuring the 16 year old G2 Solutions business. To further grow and streamline the operation, there are now two separate trading companies G2 Solutions which handles the IT side of the G2 business relationship and G2 Systems PSD which is looking after the Printing and Graphics Arts market. The two entities continue to work side by side to provide the best possible customer service but now with a clearer focus.

G2 PSD is your “one source” for all printing consumables, proofing materials, Canon & Epson printers, Kodak and Agfa plates, Toyo inks, Servicom blankets and consumables, jackets, etc. G2 PSD is exclusive distributor for the complete range of ABC Allied consumables, from founts, system cleaners, filters, press products, ink additives, silicone and much more.

G2 PSD also supplies and supports Intec printers and finishing equipment, CTP systems, from the small inkjet to metal plate,right up to multi-cassette loader thermal devices. The full range of the legendary Xitron RIP front ends are also available and can drive over 150+ different output devices for film and plate in both thermal and violet.

If you looking for a product, chances are we will have it or know where to get it, just give us a call.