Regional NSW outfit Red Barron Printing is installing a new Xitron Inkjet CTP system, supplied by G2 Print Supply Division.

John Barron, owner at Red Barron Printing says he needed an economical way to produce plates for his printing business.

Barron says the cost of outsourcing plates and delays in production required some form of CTP production to be brought in house. Barron says he first saw the Xitron Inkjet CTP being demonstrated at a trade show a few years ago, and was impressed by what he saw.

G2 says as a small regional printer, the choice to purchase a larger conventional CTP system was not really an option. The Xitron Inkjet CTP allows for the creation of metal printing plates, and also gives the option to output posters, pull up banners and other materials, so it offers more flexibility than other inkjet CTP systems.

The Xitron Inkjet CTP requires no chemistry or modification to an Epson printer, but uses the Xitron Harlequin rip with inkjet plug-in to image direct onto inkjet receptive metal plates. The plates can be used without baking for runs up to 5000 impressions or baked up to 10,000.